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Litigation v arbitration (a wry warning for cohabitants)

Date:27 NOV 2017
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Queen's counsel
Barrister, arbitrator and mediator

This article was first published in the August 2017 issue of Family Law and is republished to mark Cohabitation Awareness Week 

The scene is set in a barristers’ chambers in the heart of legal London. In the style of ‘The Long Johns’ (John Bird and John Fortune) an unfortunate client is about to hear the bad news about what is in store for him.

Barry Baffled: Sir George Parr, you are a leading family law silk. I need your advice about how to sort out a tricky matrimonial situation I find myself in.

Sir George Parr QC: When did you get married?

Barry Baffled:  I never got married.

Sir George Parr QC: Well why are you wanting my advice about a matrimonial situation?

Barry Baffled: I have lived with my partner for over 30 years and thought that made it a matrimonial.

Sir George Parr QC: Oh dear.

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