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Lifting the veil: donor identification

Date:6 JUL 2023
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Sarah Williams Partner Payne Hicks Beach LLP

Jennifer Lee Barrister Pump Court Chambers

In this article Jennifer Lee and Sarah Williams examine the implications of donor conceived children soon turning 18 years of age and thereby being eligible to apply for identifying information concerning their donor. This is very much a case of the law catching up with a demand that already exists; as demonstrated by the rise in enquiries following the rise in popularity of DNA ancestry testing kits which has resulted in donor conceived individuals discovering information about their donor which undermines the anonymity provisions in the legislation. This article sets out what identifying information can be obtained and when as determined by the date of donation and the age of the donor conceived child. Essential information concerning the process of applying for identifying information along with practical tips for practitioners/concerned individuals is clearly set out along with an update regarding the significant legislative review of the HEFA.

The full article will be published in the May issue of Family...

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