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Legal Aid given to children of millionaire

Date:4 DEC 2007

The two youngest children of millionaire jeweller, Iqbal Murbarik, have been given £30,750 of legal aid to protect their interests in their parents divorce dispute.

In the latest High Court development between Mr Murbarik and Aaliya Mubarak in a divorce that has accrued more than £4m in legal costs since proceedings first commenced in 1999, Mr Justice Holman described the situation as about as bad a case as it is possible to imagine".

Despite the High Court awarding Mr Murbarik's former wife £4.8m in 1999, only £266,000 of that has been paid to her through the forced sale of one of his properties. Mr Murbarik's wealth is tied up in Jersey and Bermuda trusts, making it difficult for Mrs Mubarak to enforce her award. Although Mr Murbarik pays the children's private school fees, he has failed to keep up with maintenance payments of about £14,000 a month and now owes Mrs Mubarak about £7m, including legal costs and arrears.