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Jade Quirke
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Leading international law firm launches new digital tool to help demystify the law
Date:27 NOV 2016
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A London based law firm The International Family Law Group LLP has launched two new, free Web-Apps to assist individuals involved in family breakdown understand their rights, whatever relationship they may be in, and to help work towards a financial settlement.

David Hodson OBE, a co-founding partner at The International Family Law Group LLP said, 'The law can be a mystery. It is at times unnecessarily complicated and hard to find concise answers to critical questions, quickly and effectively. Particularly where family relationships are concerned. That is why we wanted to create these web applications in a simple and user friendly question and answer format.'

The Financial Outcomes Web-App helps individuals and couples work towards a fair financial settlement on divorce and dissolution of a civil partnership. It incorporates relationship agreements, assets abroad, distinguishes between marital and non-marital assets and refers to settlements based on sharing or needs.

The Relationship Status and Rights Web-App helps individuals and couples understand their relationship status and rights on entering into relationships and on relationship breakdown. It covers cohabitation, marriage and civil partnership as well as those entering into a new relationship with the importance of relationship agreements. It covers relationships entered into or ended abroad, the implications of having assets abroad and what rights and claims can be made.

David continued, 'The law should be made clearer for the public and encourage resolutions. At iFLG, we strive to make the law accessible, understandable, and workable. This is especially true in the context of family breakdown and difficulties. Families need help to reach fair outcomes without unnecessary distress, high legal costs or the law itself creating extra hostility. Good information can sometimes facilitate a settlement. That is why we developed a way for people to access information in a usable online form. The simple question and answer format with easy to understand explanations will help many people.'

Each App gives key information and explanations at relevant stages and links to where more information is available with existing iGuides and other web content.

The Apps also sit alongside two existing online calculators which assists couples to work out a fair capital settlement and a reasonable level of spousal maintenance. As with our new Apps, they highlight when and where legal advice is needed.

David concluded, 'Family law information currently does not meet the digital needs of many users. These apps and calculators provide the guidance people need at often fragile or uncertain times of their lives, to help them through their relationship milestones or difficulties and to guide them clearly in the right direction towards resolutions. We hope they help many people, whatever their situation.'

To try the web-apps out for yourself and for more information on IFLG go to www.iflg.uk.com / @iFLGUK on Twitter.

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