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LAA produces new guidance in response to feedback from CCMS users

Date:8 AUG 2014
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The Legal Aid Agency (LAA) is introducing online ways of working for Civil and Family Certificated legal aid.  Client and Cost Management System (CCMS) allows providers to apply for Legal Aid and manage certificates. Providers and advocates use the system to submit claims and users can also scan and attach electronic documents associated with their application or claim.

The LAA has now invited all Tranche 1 providers to use CCMS and are inviting groups of Tranche 2 providers to start using the system each week. 8,500 cases have already been submitted via CCMS, which increases the likelihood of advocates being assigned to such cases. In addition, 10,435 bills and payments on account have already been submitted.

75% of chambers have returned CCMS surveys and the LAA has set up these chambers on CCMS so they can start using the system as soon as they are instructed on a CCMS case.

If your organisation has not filled out a CCMS survey, or carried out any additional user set-up activity, the LAA recommends that you do so now (see links below).

Guidance & resources

The LAA has produced new guidance and updated existing guidance in direct response to feedback from CCMS users.

Alongside other helpful resources on the Help page of the CCMS website, you can now view:
  • Best practice guidance – advice on integrating CCMS into day-to-day working in your organisation
  • CCMS process maps – the life of a case on CCMS, showing all the steps carried out by system users and the LAA
  • Using CCMS – a guide for advocates who have just been assigned to a CCMS case

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