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Key recommendations in the Pension Advisory Group report

Date:17 JUL 2019
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Honorary Research Associate
Professor of social gerontology


Hilary Woodward honorary research associate at Cardiff School of Law and Politics and project lead for the Pension Advisory Group and Debora Price professor of social gerontology at the University of Manchester and Pension Advisory Group member explain the key issues identified by the group in its guide to the treatment of pensions on divorce and summarise the main recommendations and what steps practitioners should take to ensure that pensions are dealt with consistently.


What is the main purpose of the report?

The Pension Advisory Group was set up in mutual recognition of the urgent need for interdisciplinary discussion between lawyers actuaries and financial advisers to achieve better common understanding and consistency in cases involving pensions on divorce.

Pensions are often the single largest asset after the family home for divorcing couples yet there is inconsistency of approach to pensions in divorce cases across England and Wales and a considerable shortfall in understanding. Divorcing spouses are often unaware of their rights and still less aware of how to begin to approach the issue of a fair split of pension assets. Lawyers also often lack confidence in...

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