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Justice Committee launches inquiry into the implications of Brexit

Date:14 OCT 2016
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The Justice Committee has launched an inquiry into the implications of Brexit for the justice system.

The Committee is seeking written submissions from expert and affected parties to enable it to present the government with recommendations concerning the questions which it will need to address in the eventual Brexit negotiation process.

It is interested in views on the likely effects of Brexit on the processes of criminal and civil justice, as well as views on the financial effects on the legal sector and business and the economy more widely, and on steps which should be taken in the process of Brexit negotiations or by other means to minimise any adverse effects and enhance any positive effects.

The Committee points out that there is a significant body of EU law dealing with the handling of cross-border legal disputes, such as the ‘Brussels Regulations’ covering civil, commercial and family matters. Post-Brexit, this EU legislation will not automatically apply to the UK (though much underlying international law will remain). Removing it would affect, for example, the jurisdiction of UK courts to deal with disputes as well as the enforceability of English and Welsh judgments in other member states (and vice versa). Family cases often benefit from such jurisdictional legislation. It would create challenges, but also opportunities, particularly in commercial law dispute resolution.

The Committee invites written submissions of no more than 3,000 words in length; the deadline for these is Friday, 11 November 2016. The Committee will then hold oral evidence sessions, with the intention of producing a report to inform the Government's Brexit negotiations.

For more information visit the Select Committee website.