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Jewish family law issues and Alternative Dispute Resolution: Butterworths Family Law Service

Date:6 MAY 2019
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The delicate balance between adherence to English Law and protecting religious freedoms is a fine one which has been tested more frequently in the Family Division than in others.
Family law practitioners never know who will seek advice from them and the Butterworths Family Law Service ADR Binder collates, in a user-friendly form, a glossary of terms and a brief understanding of family life for those of the Jewish faith. It also addresses the ways in which the community, in all its breadth, has well developed Jewish religious law (‘halachah’).
This area is an essential navigator tool for those unfamiliar with working with Jewish clients. It assists in understanding the workings of the Beth Din and other communal bodies and how mediation and arbitration plays a part in resolution of family disputes.
The ADR binder of BFLS distinguishes itself from other works as it addresses the institutions, practices and availability of dispute resolution in a number of faith communities.

It highlights English case-law on issues of educating children and applying the Children Act 1989 on family disputes.

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