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Introduction of same sex marriage at British Consulates overseas

Date:12 NOV 2014
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Same sex couples will now be able to marry at British Consulates in 25 countries.

The ‘Consular Marriage and Marriages under Foreign Law Order 2014’ came into force on 3 June 2014 and means that same sex marriages will be able to take place at British Consulates in the following countries: Australia, Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Cambodia, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Mongolia, Montenegro, Nicaragua, Peru, Philippines, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, and Vietnam.

This list of countries is limited because British missions are only able to provide a same sex marriage service in countries where it is not possible for British nationals to have such a marriage under local law and where the local authorities have given permission for the missions to conduct consular marriages of same sex couples.
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