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Improving standards in family law

Date:23 OCT 2006

Jacqui Jackson Director of Standards Resolution. One of the main aims of Resolution is to improve standards in family law. The Resolution Code of Practice is the driving force. Since the Association began Resolution have sought to improve standards by issuing guides to best practice holding training events on family law skills as well as black letter law helping with precedents and offering guidance on avoiding complaints or coping with stressful problems. A key development was the introduction of the Resolution Specialist Accreditation Scheme. This has become widely recognised as a respected mark of expertise in family law. Many of Resolutions members have remarked that undertaking the assessments for the accreditation led them to investigate learn and reflect not only on how the law applies in a given situation but also on their practice management their case management and on the outcomes from the point of view of the client all of which they have found enjoyable and enlightening. It also made them appreciate the need for any further training that may have resulted.

Resolution has developed a new brand for Resolution...

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