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How do I apply for step-parent adoption in the UK?

Date:8 MAY 2018
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Step-parent adoption is a way of consolidating an existing relationship with a child and putting it onto a secure legal footing. There are various situations in which a step-parent or partner adoption might be appropriate, including if you are raising your partner’s child from a former relationship, or if you have conceived through donation or surrogacy and the law only says that one of you is automatically a legal parent from birth.

Why should I apply for step-parent adoption?

Applying for step-parent adoption will give you a lifelong connection with your child and you will be treated as if you were your child’s birth parent. You will also have parental and financial responsibility, and your child will inherit from you automatically should you die without a will.

Your partner’s legal rights and status will not be affected by your adoption order, but it will extinguish the parenthood and parental responsibility of any other parent your child has. This may not be appropriate in all circumstances and so there may be other options you wish to explore, such as acquiring parental responsibility in the first instance.

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