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Hot off the press - the Red Book 2015

Date:28 MAY 2015
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We have been very excited this week to receive photos from CPI William Clowes of this year's Red Book actually on the presses.

The photos show the complete production process, from text coming off the huge printing presses, through the folding machine where it goes in at one end as long lengths of paper and emerges at the other as a complete stitched book block (minus cover).

The case blocking machine adds the title and author text to the cover and produces 20 covers a minute, which quickly fills up the pallets waiting to receive them. Book blocks and cases are fed into the case binder and complete books emerge 40 seconds later!

All that then remains is a quick trip through the shrinkwrapping machine to ensure your bright, shiny new edition of The Family Court Practice 2015 reaches you in pristine condition!

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DIY Divorce and Separation
DIY Divorce and Separation
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Your 2015 edition of The Family Court Practice features:
  • New Procedural Guides.
  • Updated notes on: the new offence of breaching a Forced Marriage Protection Order; habitual residence; same-sex parenting; and reporting restrictions.
  • The latest amendments to the Family Procedure Rules and the Civil Procedure Rules.
  • Coverage of the Female Genital Mutilation Act 2003, as amended by the Serious Crime Act 2015.
  • The latest guidance from the President's office.
  • Council Regulation (EC) No 1206/2001 (‘the Evidence Regulation’) and a full summary of Regulation (EU) No 606/2013 on mutual recognition of protection measures in civil matters.
  • Fully indexed commentary.
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