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High Court recognises foreign adoption from Nepal

Date:25 OCT 2016
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Lauren Bovington  International Family Law Group

The High Court recently handed down judgment formally recognising the status of an adoption that took place in 2008 in Nepal. In QS v RS and Another [2016] EWHC 2470 (Fam) Mr Justice MacDonald gave judgment following a 5-day hearing in July recognising the foreign adoption of T.

The case has a complex history with litigation dating back to 2009. T was found abandoned in a temple in Nepal in 2005. Her date of birth was unclear but she was eventually issued with a birth certificate stating her birthday as 13 August 2005. An extensive search for T’s birth parents and relatives undertaken by Nepalese police was unsuccessful. The parties (who were British) were introduced to T shortly after her move to an orphanage in Kathmandu. The parties adopted T in accordance with the law of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal on 28 July 2008. At this point the parents brought T to live with them in Dubai where they had lived for several years. Shortly after her arrival in Dubai T was granted British Citizenship on...

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