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Hayley Trim's Analysis: The Cost of Justice

Date:28 MAY 2010

Hayley Trim  Family Law PSLIn my first week as Family Law PSL at Jordans "cuts" appears to be the media watchword of the minute. The news of a civil service recruitment freeze adds to the concerns for the family justice system and no suggestion of imminent reform in the Queen's Speech. The Official Solicitor has just revealed that his staff are unable to respond to the increasing demand for his appointment. There will be delay (see Newswatch 27 May 2010).

As I consider some of the recent case law the topic of resources seems to be increasingly pervasive. There is clearly a fine line to tread in striking the right balance between safeguarding the child and the prudent use of resources. Whilst lawyers argue over whether a child is entitled to services under s 20 or 17 CA or whether he is accommodated under s23(2) or (6) (see...

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