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'Grandparents, we love you'

Date:25 APR 2017
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Family law expert, Lawyer
Stala Charalambous is a family law expert

There are no emotional winners in a divorce or separation. What separating parents must also remember is that through no fault of their own the children and other members of their family may be hurting.

Realising that a relationship has come to an end can be traumatic. Having shared your life with a partner built a home and a family unit together you now face decisions of how to separate (both physically and your assets) tell everyone and go forward to build a separate life. A life where perhaps 'We' becomes 'I'.

No one need be alone. There is a plethora of help and information available to assist. A charity I am registered with Care for the Family offers information for families separating couples and those going through bereavement. The charity believes that 'every family should have somewhere to turn for support in both the good times and when family life is challenging'.

The process of separation may leave a void like a bereavement not just for the separating couple but also...

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