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Foreign pre-nup, English divorce? What’s the deal?

Date:6 JUN 2018
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It is not at all uncommon for international couples who marry abroad to have entered into a pre-nuptial agreement or a ‘matrimonial property regime’. Pre-nuptial agreements are indeed commonplace in many countries which treat these documents as binding and legally enforceable agreements. But what happens when a foreign pre-nup finds its way to the English divorce courts?

This article takes a look at the recent Court of Appeal decision in Versteegh v Versteegh [2018] EWCA Civ 1050, [2018] FLR (forthcoming) a case involving a Swedish pre-nuptial agreement which came before the English court. In addition to the enforceability of such an agreement, the court addressed the appropriate order to be made in a situation where the valuation of business assets could not be accurately assessed.

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