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FDAC – a trauma-informed service

Date:15 FEB 2017
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Dr Sheena Webb London FDAC team manager and consultant clinical child psychologist
Tom Borro Social Worker in the Coventry FDAC team

This is the third in a series of blogs about FDAC and the work of the FDAC specialist teams. In this blog we want to talk about trauma and the impact it has on many if not all of the parents who come into FDAC. 

Working with high risk families we often hear the term ‘poor choices’. Many of us have experienced the frustration and disappointment when a parent seemingly turns their back on a chance at reunification with their child in favour of drugs alcohol or a domestically abusive partner. It is hard to see this as anything other than a ‘poor choice’. But what do we mean by ‘choice’? To understand why people make ‘poor choices’ one has to consider what the necessary requisites are for making ‘good choices’. 

The word choice indicates that a person is presented with options and has the freedom will and ability to evaluate these options and select the one most suited to their needs and...

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