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Family migration & the highway through hell

Date:29 AUG 2019

In a bid to promote the economic wellbeing of the country the people with the least are given the most arduous and costly road to follow.

 There is surely a special place in hell for the drafters of the immigration rules which govern family migration and private life applications in the UK. Most migrants who wish to come permanently to the UK have no idea about the tortuous rules which will govern their application and determine its success. In 2012 the rules changed purportedly incorporating into their foundations Article 8 of the Human Rights Act 1998 which protects a person’s right to private and family life.

The main changes saw the increase of the probation period for spouses from two years to five years requiring a further application at the half way mark and the introduction of the financial requirement.

The fee for an applicant coming to settle in the UK is a staggering £1 523 which does not include the Immigration Healthcare Surcharge (IHS) which is charged at £400 per year per applicant so £1 000 upfront to cover the initial 2.5 years of the...

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