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Kara Swift
Kara Swift
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Family mediation website goes live

Date:28 AUG 2009

The Family Mediation Helpline has launched a new advice website for families involved in disputes.

The Family Mediation Helpline website gives advice on how to avoid damaging and expensive court battles by using mediation.

Launching the website, Bridget Prentice said: "The government is committed to the promotion of family mediation as in many cases mediation can offer considerable advantages over going to court.

"Mediation is particularly helpful in cases involving children where ongoing conflict between the parents is more likely than not to impact negatively on their development. This is about getting the best outcome for children - who are so often the ones damaged during these court proceedings."

Her Majesty's Courts Service launched the Family Mediation Helpline in May 2006. Trained operators provide information to callers about family mediation, whether it is suitable for particular cases and whether parties may be eligible for public funding.

The Helpline does not provide legal advice on the merits of a case, but instead provides details of mediation professionals that are local to callers.

Families can call the helpline on 0845 602 6627 or visit the new Family Mediation Helpline website.