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Family mediation can help address the annual multi-billion taxpayer cost of family breakdown

Date:22 SEP 2020
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Chief Executive, NFM

As the consultation process surrounding the government’s Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR) draws to a close, it is worth reminding ourselves of the value that could be delivered to the taxpayer by improved take-up of family mediation. 

Four years ago the annual cost to the UK economy of family breakdown was calculated at £48 billion by The Relationships Foundation. The ‘hidden’ costs of divorce and separation to the taxpayer include: 

•           Welfare benefits 

•           Emergency housing following domestic violence 

•           Physical and mental health 

•           Social services and care 

•           Children in care 

•           Police and prisons 

•           Courts, legal services and legal aid  

•           Child maintenance 

•           Educational provision following disciplinary and behavioural issues 

•           Free school meals 

•           Tertiary education drop out 

•           Young people not in education, employment or training

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