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Family mediation: better not just cheaper(£)

Date:6 NOV 2014
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Family Law

Mike Stepan Mediator MiD Mediation and Counselling Ltd

This article’s starting point is the surprising news that a process now being promoted by the Government primarily to save money actually brings significant benefits - not just in reducing the deficit but in aiding separating couples - and especially parents.

It then identifies a number of specific advantages for those people which apply not just in relation to short-term decision making but also in the longer-term through the re-discovery of the ability to communicate.

It goes on to explain and detail the particular virtues of the ‘emotion-inclusive’ model of mediation which allows people the space and time to set out their feelings and their reactions to what is happening. This can help both parties to gain insights about each other and reach a shared conclusion which can help them face a separate future in a much more positive state of mind.

The article also ...

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