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Family Law Journal June's financial remedies coverage

Date:19 MAY 2022
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The June issue of Family Law sees the launch of ‘The Brief’ from 4PB; an in-depth monthly Financial Remedies Update telling you everything you need to know across case law, changes to legislation, and any new rules in financial remedies procedure.

This first instalment covers all significant changes in Financial Remedies since the start of 2022 to ensure that the update is all encompassing for you and to set the stage for future monthly FR Family Law updates.

So you can catch-up on all the cases you need to know right now, part of The Brief is available here. The full and comprehensive version will be in June’s print issue of Family Law.

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In addition to The Brief, the Financial Remedies Focus section of June Family Law has articles on:

  • The FRC Efficiency Statement – ‘an Update from the Trenches’
    It’s been three months since the FRC Efficiency Statement (Statement on the Efficient Conduct of Financial Remedy Hearings Proceeding in the Financial Remedies Court below High Court Judge Level) was released. How has the profession adapted to this change? Have there been any growing pains?
  • Divorce financial settlements and damages from injury and medical claims

    What part of a compensation award is regarded as part of the marital asset pot available for distribution in the event of divorce or judicial separation?

  • Confidentiality and (un)authorised disclosures of Children Act documents for use in Financial Remedy proceedings

    The practice of including case papers from concluded Children Act proceedings in bundles for FR proceedings is a poor and dangerous one, even if the disclosure is inadvertent. Contempt of court is the most extreme penalty. An examination of this topic…

  • Is it time to reclaim s.25 in cases involving pensions?

    This addresses the question as to whether the legal profession should reflect on its response to recent developments in sharing/offsetting of pensions. It asks: have we taken our eye off the s.25 criteria in the headlong pursuit of expert-led pension parity?

  • Spousal death during proceedings for financial relief on divorce or separation – an in-depth examination of Mostyn J’s judgment in Hasan v Ul-Hasan (Deceased) & Anor, “an impressive and fascinating treatise in which he discusses the law, from the 18th to the 21st century, covering spousal relationships, the meaning of the phrase ‘causes of action’, and matrimonial financial claims following the death of a spouse”.

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