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Family Hubs – another nice idea with no substance?

Date:5 MAY 2022
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Chief Executive, NFM

Earlier this year the Government published its long awaited, highly anticipated ‘levelling up’ whitepaper. A document in which it outlined its efforts to make the country more prosperous and united, by tackling the regional and local inequalities that ‘unfairly hold back communities’.

It’s fair to say that feedback on its contents from across the public and private sector was somewhat mixed, with some suggestion that while it contains all of the right messages it lacks specifics, and a clear resource plan for achieving its goals.

Arguably, no such criticism can be made in relation to the Government’s ongoing commitment to a Family Hubs Network, however, with a firm commitment to spending £100m+ between now and 2030 on delivering the scheme. Or can it?

Providing a single ‘early help front door’ for families with children aged 0 – 19, if done correctly Family Hubs should be on hand to offer help to overcome a range of difficulties and build stronger relationships. 

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