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English Family Law from a Polish perspective

Date:9 JAN 2023

Dealing with international clients who by extension might have a different perception of how the legal system works having been raised and lived in another country can be quite a challenge.

Sometimes those perceptions might be right but more often than not they need to be explored explained understood and put into context while keeping in mind the cultural background of the client.

Being Polish myself means that I am contacted regularly by a lot of Poles living in UK and looking to get some advice with regards to family law. It makes me uniquely placed to assist them as not only do I understand their language I am also able to have a better idea of their culture values traditions and any stereotypes that they may encounter. Having worked on numerous cross-border cases involving Poland I am familiar with the differences in our legal systems some are obvious others not so much but any differences can be critical when an order is made in one country but needs to be enforced in...

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