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Don’t shoot the messenger: Louise Tickle on the reaction to Channel 4 Dispatches

Date:17 NOV 2021
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Education and social affairs journalist

As some readers of Family Law may know, the Channel 4 Dispatches that I reported on how family courts deal with separating parents, disputes over access to children and allegations of domestic abuse and parental alienation was aired in July. It was called “Torn Apart – Family Courts Uncovered” and it has been, I am aware… controversial.

A lot has been written and discussed regarding the programme, but in this column, I thought I’d note that there is some stuff they don’t tell you about making your first tv documentary. 

First: walking while talking to a camera – and keeping word for word to a script that had been tightly legalled to keep Channel 4 solvent and me out of clink – requires such intense concentration that you can entirely forget where you are. Luckily you also have zero appreciation of the fact that people think you’ve lost your mind as you wander along the river across from Parliament gesticulating at nothing and mouthing silently as you practise your lines. 

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