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Do I Really Need A Will If I’m Married?

Date:30 SEP 2020

Marriage may revoke an existing will it does not replace the will with a set of ready made provisions.  A will is in fact very like marriage: the first step in a lifelong plan which you have decided to take and which will be as important on your golden wedding anniversary as it is today.

There can be a whole range of reasons why anyone who marries or enters into a civil partnership needs a will or a new will and it is mainly in recognition of this that marriage is regarded as sweeping away all the existing provisions. The same applies to civil partnership as does all the remainder of this article.

For a start it is not even the case the surviving spouse inherits the whole estate of the first to die (currently limited to all the personal possessions the first £270 000 of your estate by value and one half of any excess). If that is the intention the will needs to make this clear.

The will also needs to name executors to deal with your estate and possibly trustees as well...

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