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Divorce in the digital age: the rise of technology in simplifying divorce

Date:3 MAR 2022

What is changing?

HMCTS have had the divorce portal for some time now being used by family lawyers and by people wanting to deal with the process directly. The change is that it will now become the only way to start a divorce. A transition period has begun and paper applications will continue to be processed until the 4th October 2021 but no new paper applications will now be accepted. With effect from the 13th September all new applications for divorce must be made via the online portal except for cases of nullity dissolution of civil partnership and judicial separation.

How does the online portal work?

As the petitioner in the divorce it is as simple as logging onto the portal opening an account and beginning divorce proceedings by walking through the online forms presented. The portal guides you through each step of your application with easy online options such as uploading and retrieving documents. There are then email prompts when the respondent has completed their documents and options for the next stages.

As the respondent an email will be sent from HMCTS stating that a petition has...

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