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Dividing unique assets in high net worth divorces

Date:14 FEB 2023
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Katie McCann Founder and Managing Partner Lowry Legal

Whilst altogether uncommon the division of unique and rare assets in high net worth divorces represents an interesting challenge for family practitioners.

There are a number of ways that such assets can play an important role in cases which I identify in this article. Challenges can arise from initial identification and valuation during the process of disclosure and detailed questions should always be asked to ensure that as much information about these unique assets is gathered and to ensure nothing is overlooked. Instructing experts to value particularly rare chattels will also often require unique arrangements for example international travel.

In cases where assets are especially unique and valuable parties can be drawn into litigation surrounding them especially in instances where a couple has invested significantly into assets such as art collections. Challenges can also arise over what happens if an unscrupulous litigant disposes or attempts to dispose of such an item.

Dividing unique assets in high net worth divorce can often be a considerable challenge. As family practitioners we should be aware of and ready...

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