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Disputes with executors and how to resolve them

Date:12 DEC 2022

As a solicitor dealing with will disputes I know that beneficiaries can sometimes feel deeply frustrated by the behaviour of an executor (also called a ‘personal representative’) of a will. The emotional fallout from a bereavement sometimes leads to a toxic atmosphere and relationships can quickly sour. Very often this situation arises where executors and/or beneficiaries are not entirely sure of their rights and responsibilities.

To be clear this blog is not about claims against an estate where there is either (a) a concern that a will isn’t valid or (b) a ‘disappointed beneficiary’ who has received nothing or less than they feel they ought to have received.

Sometimes the estate itself will bear most if not all of the legal costs of a dispute between an executor and a beneficiary. But that isn’t always the case and an executor or a beneficiary might end up personally liable for legal costs if they do not behave reasonably.

What sort of disputes typically arise?

  1. A beneficiary is given no information about a will; what can they do to get a copy and to find out what’s...

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