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Zahra Pabani
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DfE issues updated statutory guidance on Children Act 1989: transition to adulthood for care leavers
Date:8 AUG 2014
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The Department for Education (DfE) has issued updated statutory guidance entitled "Children Act 1989: transition to adulthood for care leavers".

This guidance is for:
  • personal advisers
  • children’s services social workers
  • front-line managers who have particular responsibilities for care leavers and looked-after children
  • lead members in local authorities
  • directors of children’s services
  • managers of services for care leavers and looked-after children
  • commissioners of services for care leavers and looked-after children.
It will also be relevant to partner agencies and to providers of services for care leavers and looked after children, including agencies in the private, voluntary and public sectors.

These regulations and guidance are designed to ensure care leavers are given the same level of care and support that their peers would expect from a reasonable parent and that they are provided with the opportunities and chances needed to help them move successfully in to adulthood. Research and practice show that those leaving care supported according to the following principles have the best chance of a successful transition to adulthood:
  • quality;
  • giving chances where needed;
  • tailoring to individuals’ needs.
This guidance seeks to have these principles at the centre of decision-making for care leavers and should be complied with by local authorities when exercising their social services functions under section 7 of the Local Authority Social Services Act 1970, unless local circumstances indicate exceptional reasons that justify a variation.

The statutory guidance is available to view below:

Children Act 1989: transition to adulthood for care leavers (updated October 2014)

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