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Declarations of parentage in the age of consumer genetic testing

Date:27 OCT 2022
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Claire Devine Senior Associate Charles Russell Speechlys
Karen Wilsher Partner Charles Russell Speechlys
Andrew Powell 4PB


This article discusses the recent evolution of consumer DNA testing by users of genealogical websites and the somewhat unforeseen impact this has had in respect of applications for declarations of parentage. The article will explore the situation where an adult child contacts a putative parent who does not welcome the news of their existence. What if any rights does the adult child have? What consequences might there be for the alleged parent and is there anything that they can do to prevent a declaration of parentage being made?

The article will look at the existing and more recent case law legislation the procedure to make an application for a declaration of parentage and the steps to be taken by the respondent and will also deal with considerations of anonymity versus transparency. The article considers the specific position of sperm donors and how they could be impacted by more readily available DNA testing. The article will also discuss in detail the public policy considerations when an application is...

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