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David Hodson on International Family Law: EU external competency goes to European Court on 1 April, and it’s no joke!

Date:27 MAR 2014
Family lawyer

International Family Law Practice by David Hodson

David Hodson

On Tuesday 1 April 2014 a date rich with irony the European Court of Justice is hearing claims brought by several EU Governments against the EU asserting that the EU has in terms wrongly exceeded its powers by claiming sole competency to enter into bilateral and multilateral arrangements with non-EU countries in respect of family law matters.  This would be obtuse heavy political stuff save that the innocent victims of this EU ‘land grab of power' are the abducted children from countries now signatories to the 1980 Hague Convention.

Given the huge attention focusing on EU powers the in-out referendum and excessive EU claims to sovereignty including for example the Farage v Clegg debate yesterday it seems amazing that this issue has not been picked up by journalists or politicians. ...

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