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Dads' Space 1-2-1, the Virtual Child Contact Centre - National, Free and Safe

Date:7 MAY 2009

Dads' Space 1-2-1 www.dads-space.org is a free, national, web-based communication facility, designed for fathers who are separated from their children. The 1-2-1 service enables children to stay in contact with their father, even in difficult circumstances and is seen as a valuable addition to existing contact resources. Dads' Space 1-2-1 supports children and fathers in developing their relationships and enhancing their communication.

For some children, there are risks that outweigh the benefit of direct contact with their father. Where there has been domestic violence the child or mother may not be or feel safe for contact arrangements to be in place. Dads' Space 1-2-1 can provide a safe contact solution where risks are high and contact has been requested. However, the service is not just for those where there are risks - the 1-2-1 service can be used as an enhancement to existing contact arrangements or indeed where geography or work commitments present a barrier.

More recently we have launched Mums' Space www.mums-space.org where an identical service is in place for children separated from their mother. Mums' Space has its own dedicated space but works in exactly the same way as Dads' Space 1-2-1. Providing separate contact space is also ideal for children who are looked after and want to retain contact with both or either parent.

The 1-2-1 site provides a secure online environment for the parent and child where they can chat, send emails and photos, play games, and send e-cards or e-gifts. The site has different levels of moderation depending on the outcome of a risk assessment. The service can be accessed through referrals from relevant professionals and agencies working with families, including Family Solicitors. We accept referrals over the telephone or via our referral form.

If you would like to try the site before making a referral, or would like more information then please contact Lesley Weber on: info@dads-space.org or 020 7022 1854 / 1852.