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Crackdown on divorcing parents who ‘alienate’ children from former partners

Date:30 JUL 2018
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Parents could have access to their children restricted if they try to turn them against their child’s other parent under a trial process about to be rolled out by Cafcass the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service.

Cafcass are developing the new framework as a result of a rise in cases of ‘parental alienation’ where one parent manipulates the child into rejecting the other parent.
Anthony Douglas the chief executive of Cafcass recently described the phenomenon as 'undoubtedly a form of neglect or child abuse'. Parental alienation is a criminal offence in Mexico and Brazil.

As the public body that looks after the interests of children involved in family proceedings Cafcass reports and recommendations advise the family courts as to whom children should live or spend time with.

The High Conflict Practice Pathway which 'includes but is not limited to parental alienation' was to be initially trialled with 50 high conflict families. A full launch is expected this summer.

This new guidance sets out the steps social workers should take when dealing with high conflict cases and cases of suspected alienation.

Alongside this pathway Cafcass...

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