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Collaborating to keep a rigorous focus on the needs of disputing families

Date:15 MAY 2020
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Chief Executive, NFM

Dramatic transitions have been made in so many spheres lately ranging from the very personal - social distancing behaviours – to those that span a nation. Our country has been able to build a series of intensive care ready Nightingale Hospitals from nothing to fully functional in a few short weeks.

It goes without saying that the way things that usually take years to come to fruition are being turned around in days can in no way compensate for the tens of thousands of personal tragedies. Yet it feels that in some areas of UK life the nation is rediscovering a can-do attitude and an agility and adaptability that nobody would have seen coming if you’d asked just two months ago.

The huge majority of people and organisations accept that we don’t know how long this situation is going to last and yet despite the uncertainty it appears that access to high quality services has to be maintained. In my professional life leading a national charity whose expertise helps families resolve disputes experience shows that travel restrictions are causing:

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