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Cohabitation: what practitioners need to know

Date:2 JUN 2017
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The number of cohabiting couples across the UK now stands at 3.3 million making it the fastest growing family form and it has become the norm for first partnerships.

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In many respects legislation has provided safeguards and remedies that place cohabitants in a similar position to those who are married or in a civil partnership. Yet in other respects such as property and financial provision there has been a reluctance to do so.

The context of cohabitation is increasingly diverse with socio-economic factors religion and ethnic background all playing important roles in the decision whether or not to marry. However the ease with which a couple can opt for cohabitation consciously or by default belies the complexity that often attends the termination of their relationship.

Many expensive arguments could be avoided if cohabitants could be persuaded to take appropriate advice at the outset whether as to...

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