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Cohabitation: Law Practice and Precedents

Date:26 OCT 2017
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Elizabeth Taylor & Phillip Taylor MBE
Richmond Green Chambers

The subject of cohabitation has come to the fore in recent years with the huge number of people who now cohabit in modern Britain for whatever reason.

It has long been ignored by many lawyers and politicians but fortunately we are beginning to see changes as this issue of cohabitation rises up the legal agenda. So, for 2017 we have a new seventh edition of the book published now by LexisNexis, under the Family Law imprint.

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Do read the impressive foreword from King LJ who writes that 'the ease with which a couple can opt for cohabitation, consciously or by default, belies the complexity that often attends the termination of their relationship'.

And in a nutshell, that is what the book is about, with the numbers of unmarried cohabiting couples continuing to increase. And the result is that the practice and the law itself on cohabitation steadily expands in significance for both family and private client lawyers.

This new edition of Cohabitation: Law Practice and Precedents has been written by an impressive team of lawyers: Helen Wood, James Cook, John Eames, Mark Harrop, Ashley Murray and David Salter. The work has been extensively revised to take account of all procedural developments, as well as analysis of significant case‐law. The advice given by these experts covers all aspects of legal practice with a clear, authoritative exposition of the law.

Whether you are preparing a cohabitation contract or pre‐nuptial agreement, drafting wills for cohabiting couples, advising on rights on the breakdown of a relationship or the death of a partner, or applying for a personal protection order or a parental responsibility agreement, you are given an authoritative analysis of the applicable law and expert guidance on procedural issues by the authors.

As far as we know, it is the only work on the subject to provide commentary, checklists, procedural guides and precedents in a single volume making it an invaluable aid to all practitioners advising unmarried couples. That is what makes it such an invaluable reference for those advising at every aspect of a cohabitation relationship.

Cohabitation: Law Practice and Precedents provides commentary, checklists, procedural guides and precedents on the subject in a single volume. The 7th edition is available to order here.