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Coercive abuse and how a private client lawyer can help

Date:25 SEP 2018
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Director of SFE (Solicitors for the Elderly)

Coercive abuse became a criminal offence under the Serious Crimes Act in 2015. We define coercive abuse as the act of coercive or controlling behaviour in an intimate or family relationship.

Family lawyers will often be involved with clients who are suffering from coercive control or domestic violence and are aware of the steps that they can take, through the courts, or with police involvement to protect their clients.

However, the private client lawyer also has a role in protecting the interests of victims – this may be before or after abuse comes to light, as well as being alert to what behaviour is considered coercive abuse. It is important for private client lawyers, as well as family lawyers, to understand and advise of what steps their clients can take to protect themselves.

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