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Co-parenting through Coronavirus: facing the challenges

Date:6 APR 2020
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Chief Executive, NFM

I’m pleased to say that family mediators are still working across England and Wales adapting to the current Coronavirus situation with many using video conferencing as a substitute for in-person meetings.

As the largest provider of family mediation NFM understands it’s essential we continue to provide the means for separating and divorcing couples to make those vital arrangements for parenting property and money. Goodness knows there is enough uncertainty surrounding everyone’s lives right now. And separating couples can’t let this unduly compound the anxieties they naturally feel as they look to mould the changed futures of their family members.

Moving mediation online is a sensible response to the present situation and so is a new service NFM is introducing to help people adapt their co-parenting arrangements in view of government-imposed restrictions.

We all know that separated parents often have complex child arrangements in place and for many people these are being thrown high in the air by new Coronavirus rules.

Children who split their time between two parents’ homes for example may find this is not possible...

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