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Clerklife: Moving on up

Date:29 FEB 2016
Senior Clerk
'I need a word with you ' growled the Senior Clerk. 'Oh no ' thought I 'what have I done this time?'

I'd been a clerk now for a little over a year. Most of it I could do standing on my heard; and that was the problem. I was bored. When I'm bored my mind wanders and that's when I make mistakes. Mostly little things which are easy to fix but missing a case in the Burnley Crown Court list had been a bit hairy and was not my finest hour. I enjoyed booking cases into the diary chatting to solicitors gradually expanding my legal knowledge and attending listing meetings. I was bored of the post running errands and making tea and coffee for conferences. Things however were about to change.

'Dave from Queen's wants you ' said the boss.

'I'll get my coat and pop over...'

'No you dongle!1 He wants you to go and work there as the third junior. He's got three silks gawd knows 'ow many judges and red judges2 have come from his place!'


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