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Clerklife: I've got the power!

Date:26 JAN 2016
Senior Clerk
After successfully booking in my first case I was now deemed trustworthy enough to take phone calls and very occasionally if everyone else was too busy and it wasn't a complicated request I was allowed to book cases into the diary. Shortly thereafter I noticed subtle changes in the behaviour of the barristers. It was as if they had all just realised I worked in the clerks' room. The more senior members of chambers who previously would have just nodded or grunted at me (or in the case of James St-John1 Ponsonby-Smythe looked at me as if he had just scraped me off the bottom of his shoe) were suddenly wishing me good morning or smiling warmly.

The more junior members of chambers were suddenly eager for me to join them after work for drinks at The Pub. A working day for a clerk is an odd thing. You start work at 9:00am and so you need to be there a little earlier to prepare for the coming day. For me this meant collecting the DX from the local exchange; the...

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