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Clerklife: All you needed to know about criminal listings but were afraid to ask - Part 2

Date:18 SEP 2015
Senior Clerk
Cue Dick Barton music...

When last we saw our plucky hero (me) I was perilously close to making a right mess of my first criminal listings meeting. Bob aka 'big bloke at the end' had indicated he couldn't move his plea and fix from Court Eleven to Court Seven which left me possibly facing the wrath of Donna. Read on to end the crippling suspense which I am sure has kept you up at night.

I broke Bob's gaze and looked down at my list. 'Okey dokey ' I said as nonchalantly as I could. I was playing for time until I could come up with a plan. If I couldn't get the cases organised so that James St John Ponsonby-Smythe (JPS to his clerks) would be very sarcastic and that would make Donna a little tense.


That was it: they didn't have to all be in the same court I just needed to juggle them up and down. My two cases in Court Seven were first and fourth on the list so if I just...

'Can you move that case to the end of that list Bob?' I asked...

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