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Civil Procedure Rules Committee seeks two new members

Date:22 AUG 2013
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Senior Editor
The Civil Procedure Rules Committee is recruiting two new members. Appointments will last 3 years, starting in December 2013.
One vacancy is for a solicitor and the other is for a lay member.
The s>olicitor member should have:
  • Current knowledge and experience of civil litigation and the Civil Procedure Rules
  • Understanding of and commitment to the principles underlying the Civil Procedure Rules, including the need for the rules to be simple and simply expressed.
  • Understanding of the needs of both professional and lay users of the civil courts and rules
  • Evidence of the ability to work in a committee and take an active and influential part in debate.
  • The necessary professional qualifications as provided in the Civil Procedure Act 1997. (You must confirm this in your letter.)

The lay member should have:
  • Knowledge of and experience in the lay advice sector or consumer affairs
  • Awareness of their impact of court procedures on lay users
  • Knowledge of the civil court system
  • Broad familiarity with and support for the ongoing civil justice reforms
  • Sufficient time available for serving on the Committee

The full Committee meets in Central London on average nine times a year on Fridays and there may also be subcommittee meetings at other times. Although the post is offered without remuneration, travelling and out-of-pocket expenses will be paid.
Applications should be submitted by noon on Wednesday 25 September 2013.
For full details and information on how to apply, go to: