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Civil Procedure Rules Committee seeks four new members

Date:23 MAR 2015
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The Civil Procedure Rules Committee is recruiting four new members. Appointments will last 3 years, starting in September 2015.

The vacancies are for two solicitor members, one barrister member and one lay member.

Vacancy Description

Members of the Committee have collective responsibility for the operation of this body. They must:
  • Engage fully in collective consideration of the issues, taking account of the full range of relevant factors, including any guidance issued by the Ministry of Justice or by the Lord Chancellor.
  • Ensure that its responsibilities under the Freedom of Information Act (including prompt responses to public requests for information) are discharged; agree an Annual Report; and, where practicable and appropriate, hold at least one meeting a year in public.
  • Respond appropriately to complaints, if necessary with reference to the Ministry of Justice.
  • Ensure that the Committee does not exceed its powers or functions.
  • Communications between the Committee and the Lord Chancellor will generally be through the Chair. Nevertheless, any Committee member has the right of access to Ministers on any matter which he or she believes raises important issues relating to his or her duties as a Committee member. In such cases the agreement of the rest of the Committee should normally be sought.
  • Individual Committee members can be removed from office by the Lord Chancellor if they fail to perform the duties required of them in line with the standards expected in public office

Person Specification

Essential Criteria

  • Interest in the broad field of law concerning civil courts and rule making process.
  • Commitment to reflecting the needs of end users in that process.
  • Evidence of committee working and relevant inter-personal skills.
  • Experience and/or knowledge of Alternative Dispute Resolution options and processes.
  • Ability to deal confidently with legal specialists – judiciary and lawyers and understand technical elements of draft legislation.
  • A commitment to valuing diversity.
* Both the Solicitor and Barrister members must hold the necessary professional qualification as provided in the Civil Procedure Act 1997.

* Lay Advice members must have knowledge of and experience in the lay advice sector or consumer affairs.

The full Committee meets in Central London on average nine times a year on Fridays and there may also be subcommittee meetings at other times. Although the post is offered without remuneration, travelling and out-of-pocket expenses will be paid.

Applications should be submitted by 5 pm 17 April 2015.

For full details and information on how to apply, go to the Cabinet Office  website.