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Chris Barton's Sketch

Date:19 MAR 2010

St Camilla of Cavendish

Chris Barton Let's be clear about one thing. If the rags were really given carte blanche, you can forget St Camilla of Cavendish and measured articles about how it was the media "wot won the battle of dem ol' secret family law courts". It would be like an 'Other Ranks' 1950's Sunday Tabloid - page after page of prurient reports of adultery and 'unreasonable behaviour'.

Jon Venables
After a week of sustained all-media professional big-gobbery about the Venables case - not that it is one yet - I'm in the same position as both David Starkey and the Children's Commissioner in not having the faintest idea of what to do about child-on-child murders.

Catholic group granted gay adoption
Thursday March 18: hats off to the newspapers for keeping the items on 'Catholic group granted exemption from gay adoption' and 'Cardinal sorry for covering up abuse' well apart from each other.

Fewer university places
Thank goodness common sense has prevailed and there will be fewer university places available in September 2010 than in previous years. This must impinge mainly on those ghastly former polytechnics and their so-called degrees in such as 'media studies' - did Socrates waste his time talking about Coronation St? But it doesn't go far enough. Those who did their CPE or LPC at these jumped-up technical colleges should be struck off the Roll and required to re-qualify by way of the old Law Society Finals.

Professor Chris Barton is a retired Family Law Teacher, Vice-President of the Family Mediators Association and a regular contributor to Family Law. Click here to follow Chris Barton on Twitter

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