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Chris Barton's Sketch

Date:26 APR 2010

Chris Barton To Cambridge, to consort with my intellectual peers at the excellent Fourth Conference of the Commission on European Family Law, The future of family property in Europe. I don't mind these foreign Johnnies - actually Jillies in the main - speaking better English than me, but I take offence at them knowing more English law than I do. Not that it's their fault if their stuff mainly involves Ruritatanian millionaires married to Arcadian multi-millionaires now trying to break their pre-nups in England and Wales (or London as they call it).

The Sketch is offering lunch at its Club -  Moddershall Oaks near Stone, pay your own travel expenses  -  to the winners of its First Annual Most Memorable Attempts to Get Free Family Law Advice Awards.  The hot favourite, my own entry in fact, came from an unintroduced friend of an acquaintance whose peremptory e-mail read: "Hi - you'll enjoy working this out. I've got a friend  whose husband...". The prizes fall into three categories, ‘Best Shot', ‘Worst Shot' and ‘Best Response'.

Further awards are being considered. A current front runner is ‘The Most Laughable Response to a Law Commission Family Law Paper by a Print Media Hack Other than Melanie Phillips".

Professor Chris Barton is a retired Family Law Teacher, Vice-President of the Family Mediators Association and a regular contributor to Family Law. Click here to follow Chris Barton on Twitter

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