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Children in care should choose their residential care workers

Date:13 MAR 2014
Journals Manager + Online Editor

Children must be given a greater role in selecting their residential care workers, according to Action for Children.

The report, 'Residential Children's Homes', published today (12 March 2014) by the House of Commons Education Committee, examines the Government's reforms on residential children's homes including the recommendation that children should have a greater say in selecting the care staff.

Jan Leightley, acting executive director of operations at Action for Children, said:

'With any relationship you know if you click with somebody. This is the same for children in care and their support team which is why we support today's recommendation.

Care workers are everything to a young person; they are there when they wake up, get home from school or in the middle of the night if they wake from a nightmare.'

Action for Children aims to put children at the heart of its work and involves young people on its job interview panels.

Shiloh, a teenager from Gloucestershire, who has been on Action for Children interview panels said:

'Involving children and young people in finding staff is important ... it gives children and young people an opportunity to have their say.

We also think that children and young people bring different skills to interview panels, for example reading body language and if we are able to speak to the person and be listened to.'

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