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Children abroad: a relational analysis of cross-border child protection cases in the Finnish central authority

Date:6 MAR 2023

This article published in Child and Family Law Quarterly 2022 Issue 4 is available for download here.


Children’s mobility and concerns relating to child protection in the cross-border context is an emerging field of study that has hitherto largely remained unexplored. Central to the effectiveness of transnational child protection are structures that facilitate collaboration between the local child protection and welfare authorities of different countries. Under the

Hague Conventions on Child Protection 1996 and Child Abduction 1980 as well as EU Regulation Brussels IIter Member States are required to appoint a central authority to serve as a contact point for this collaboration. Drawing on a study of cases handled by the Finnish central authority from 2012 to 2020 this article provides a unique window on the concrete

practices of cross-border child protection.

Informed by the idea that the state is a social relation and the notion of ‘stategraphy’ the article examines how the state is brought into being in the practices of authorities who work on child welfare and protection and draw boundaries that exclude or include children. It is argued that particular ideas and normative expectations about the state lead to misunderstandings of...

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