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ChatGPT - a new tool in the family lawyer tool bag?

Date:29 AUG 2023

What is ChatGPT?

It’s highly likely most family lawyers will have heard of Chat GPT. There has been a lot of noise about it in the last few months in both the general and the legal media with it becoming widely available and used by many to test whether it could be widely utilised and how and specifically when would it be right and safe to do so.

Perhaps instinctively many professionals have apprehensions.  It would be easy to brush it off and continue with practice as usual. Probably there will be many in the profession who will do exactly that.  That would be wrong and short-sighted. Chat GPT can be compared to something with which we are all now familiar but if raised topic with a lawyer who practised even 30 years ago it would then be unimaginable namely remote hearings.  Of course on the ending of the lockdown there is an appropriate shift again to attended hearings including the preference of some judges but the pandemic forced this huge change in the English family justice system.  Alongside the technological innovation of remote court-hearing...

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