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Change in  Pakistani law marks progress in the prosecution of 'honour killings'

Date:19 DEC 2016
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Fatimah Farag a solicitor at The International Family Law Group LLP  and David Hodson a partner and highly experienced international family law  expert at The International Family  Law Group LLP look at a recent change in legislation in Pakistan on 'honour-based'  violence and reflect on the impact in this country and worldwide together with  other necessary changes.

We rarely come across terms such as 'shame' and 'honour' in modern-day society - in fact to most they are archaic. Yet these concepts sadly remain engrained in some cultures to the extent that they are used to justify abuse and killing often founded upon misguided interpretations of religious principles. Most shockingly these crimes are commonly being perpetrated by family members against their own relatives. The issue has been on the agenda of organisations like the United Nations for several years. Initiatives like the UNiTE To Save Women campaign managed by UN Women have been set up to address the belief system at the heart of 'honour-based' abuse through education and intervention on an international scale.

Governments have also now started introducing legislation aimed at undermining its practice through punishment and...

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